Days of the Week- WEDNESDAY


Days of the Week


Seven deadly sins, yet seven deadly days

Wednesday lurks on through, and still I think of you.

972 miles, 972 endless miles

I wish I could cross them, But THAT would be a trail

Eternity is a long time to wait to see you my dear

I don’t wish to wait, But we will have to, I fear

Once eternity is through, I’ll always be near

I’ll always be sincere.

I want to run, but tired feet are tired feet

I want to fly, but tired wings won’t carry me

Spilled blood, and sweat

Spilled life, and love

Spilled fear, spilled tears

Longer we wait, but soon we’ll be near.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

FINALLY, after a while off the job, I'm back to DAYS OF THE WEEK series.  (I dunno how long I'll be working on them, lol, I'll finish 'em someday)

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