America the Great


My rating for this poem: not rated (because it sucks big cajones)

America the great, the land of the free

She’s the best ever was, the greatest country

Her police force keeps me safe at night,

From criminals loose, to live on spite

Her firemen come to the rescue any time,

Her SWAT force combats terrible crime.

Her military defends me, in the bad times and good

I havn’t ever thanked her, maybe I should

Her navy sails the seven seas, I feel much safer, having marines

Her army marches against all harm,

Her air force guards the skies, when alarmed.

What have I done to deserve all of this?

I have all I want, land of home and bliss

What have I done to help out this great land?

I know what I COULD do to lend her a hand

If she was ever in a fight that she just couldn’t win

If she needed my help, I would come to her then

If she was crippled and beaten, about to be lost

I would chance my life, in a deadly coin toss.

In America, I can say what I want

In America, I can do what I want

I can vote for who I feel should rightly lead me

I’m given fair trial, should someone deceive me

If someone tries to break in my home,

Her police are there, I’m never alone

If I’ve lost my job, and can’t find some pay

Her welfare is there, when I’m lead astray

And what have I done for her?  I am a cheat

I’ve sworn by her name, I’ve stirred up her streets

I’ve abused my freedom, as most people do

Does America complain? No, she just sees it through

So what CAN I do to pay back what she’s done?

If she ever would need me, I’ll go find a gun

I’ll mend her wounds, I’ll give her a crutch

I’ll help her walk, she gave me just as much

I owe my life to the land of the free

I owe my time, because she saved me

If I were to die, defending her name

Then I would die free, without any shame.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We too often take our freedoms for grantid.  Think about it people.  It's great to live in a country where you have FREEDOM.  It's NOT great when you aren't willing to stand for your country, and that doesn't neccisarily mean fighting either.  When your countries hurt, do you treat her like dirt?  Some people do.  Just think about all the freedoms you have, and all the things you could do for your country.  Do something, ANYTHING, give something back to this great land of freedom.  Give something back, anywhere, no matter what country you live in.  Give something back.

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Justin Stone's picture

Off topic? Please explain to me how I was off topic. I think we are talking about America, and diploamcy is part of America. I was trying to explain to you how America is not the ONLY nation in the world who is shrouded in conspiracy. It's just to bad that you are too full of bigotry to see that the world as a WHOLE is deranged, not JUST America.

Move out of my home? MOVE OUT OF MY FUCKING HOME AND SEE THE WORLD AS IT IS? I am a poor kid living in the middle of Texas under the roof of poverty. Nowhere near compared to the poverty of others, but still, I am living a harsh life. I think YOU need to move out of your one tracked mind and see things from OTHERS views before walking off and criticizing everyone and everything. I'm not saying you need to take everything you hear and believe it, I'm just saying see things from OTHERS views. Look at the world from someones eyes other than your OWN. And don't think because I'm young, I am stupid. I'm old enough to recognize a fucking BIGOT when I see one.

Justin Stone's picture

And this and that... ha. Every country makes mistakes, no amtter how utterly PERFECT they may seem. Take 9/11 for instance, America, blinded by our SUV's and our computer screens thinks that we are invincible to attack. I think it was a wake up call, as were Columbine and many other unfortunate events. But did America deserve it? Not neccisarily. Many events that have happened throughout world history have gone without deserving... we have to see past it.

England... you say England? America's "conquest" of the world rivals NOTHING to England. Ever heard the saying the sun never sets on the Brittish empire? It was true for hundreds of years throughout the rennaisance period, earlier on, and up until the imperial ages. Do you think they used any methods other than war for their own inquisitions? NO. They took over control of every small third world country from horizon to horizon. And their legal system in the middle ages was flawed... torture... only teaches society that violence is the solution. How many events can you name where England's government has falsely acted? I could ramble on all day. (My point being, every country has its bad sides. YOU CAN'T DWELL ON THEM)
France. Good country, but still, my point rests here to. The entire nation of France would be speaking GERMAN right now if AMERICA hadn't TWICE saved the country of France. World war one... they cry for help. WE ANSWER. Then they refuse to set up a millitary perimeter around the French and German borders a second time... Germany invades... OH NO, WE SAVED THERE ASS AGAIN (allthough we destryoed every major city by artillery fire, save Paris). What do we get? WHAT!??! We want to rid the world of a mass murderer by the name of Saddam, and does France want to help? DO THEY EVEN BACK US UP WITH A FUCKING HAY PENNY? NO. Government of France. Threw every last man and his DOG into the Bastille (sp?). Only when the storming of the Bastille took place did the country start to change, and the Napolionic wars were, uh, how to say, by your words, "CONQUEST". Napoleon was a great leader. BUT HE COULD DO NOTHING but think of domination as the ultimate goal for his country. Then the reign of terror. You've got people being be-headed daily in the streets by the French government.
Spanish inquisitions sound familiar? How about the time Spain sent conquistadors into South America and spread smallpox to the Aztec, Incan, and Mayan civilizations and utterly destryoed them all? (not to mention completely disrepspecting their culture, and slaughtering innocent civilians and political leaders alike by the day). THAT was a mistake if ever was made.
Canada. Hmm. Not much to say aboot Canada. (sorry couldn't resist). They really truly havn't made that many mistakes as far as governmental issues are concerned. Perhaps they are one of the only just countries in the world...

Well... neither WWI or WWII would have been won without the Americans. Millions more would have died in concentration camps, and France, England (British isles for that matter), ALL Of Europe and Asia and most of Africa would be under Nazi reign as we SPEAK had it not been for America. Saddam would still be in power. The Al Queda would still be in operation in Afghanistan. Yugoslavia would still be suffering from ethnic cleansing. The United Nations would never have been founded. Many more Somalians would have starved to death.

I know America is nowhere NEAR perfect. But can any other first world nation step up to the plate and help the rest of the world like we have? America is three trillion dollars in debt. We could be paying it off now, but what do we do? We send money to developing nations, we have so many organizations in Africa, we have done our best to combat terrorism around the globe (WITHOUT much help from countries who would "Sperachen sie Deutsche" right now if it hadn't been for our help in the past), we anually send money to Israel (which I am neutral on the subject of... I feel sorry for the country myself, but they are going astray recently as far as an unjust war is going) and other countries around the globe to help them, and for what? We ask for nothing in return. We only ask that they back us up to stop terror in the world today. Do we even get THAT? Not MUCH. We STILL do everything possible to lend a hand when needed. You see. NO country is perfect. EVERY country (ok, maybe not Canada... yet) has made political mistakes, and EVERY country can be accused of wrongful political scandals. (Romans in the bronze age, England in industrial, French in industrial, Mongols in Midevil, Greek in the dark ages... America today... see, we aren't the ONLY ones guilty of conquest, and I assure you we won't be the last) Look at the good, not the bad.

About your comment on the Israelites: when they were led out of the house of bondage, more than only 600 were taken. The numerical scale was somewhere in the thousands, but many died of famine because they would not trust the lord. You said look at things historically. Well, the Bible IS history. Every major event in the Bible can be backed up historically (the Hittites, Babylonians, Greeks, etc), and all of the prophecies predicted in the Bible have been FUFILLED. The bible predicted all the great plauges, the world wars (there is yet to be another), and many events that have occured in world history thus far, and ALL of them have happened so far. From a scientific standpoint, no scientist has ever been able to disprove any event that occured in the Bible. No scientific law has ever been made that has disagreed with the Biblical texts, and no theory's have been PROVEN. I'm not trying to impose my beliefs upon you, but I think I have reason to believe in what I do. No denominational sect this far has been to confirm as much truth as Christianity. (and even Christianity has gone wrong in the past. Not of God's will of course... the Crusades... inquisitions... etc)

My friend, if you havn't realised yet that the world we live in today can only be made better by optimism, than you will find it out soon. We must remember the past. Remember the mistakes we have made (Waco), and learn from them. Remember the mistakes we HAVN'T made, and reflect upon them. Then think to the future. We can all make the world a better place to live in if we just stop petty rivalries that exist so frequently. Just think what if. For once, think what if.

martha's picture

and without america... who knows what the world would be like? i'd say england is a fine country. canada is at least 10 years more advanced socially then the United States is. and communism isn't bad like the government has you believing. it is the mistake of people who think america is invincible the certain tragedies happen such as 9/11. americans are so blinded by their freedom that they only use it for power and wealth. i'm not saying that america is a bad place. it's a capitalist government that pretends to be a democracy so it's people won't revolt. and don't get me started on bush's conquest of the world? the age of imperialism died long ago and america's "leader" is repeating mistakes made 100 years ago. i do humbly apologize for criticizing your views. that was unneccessary. this is opinion supported by unrefutable facts.

martha's picture

you don't know waco at all. all you know is what the media gives you which is sensored by the government. first of all... there was no swat teams involved. ATF agents were the first to enter the compound. then the fbi got involved after 4 atf members were killed in a so-called "warrant enforcment" tell me why you need two truck loads of armed atf agents to serve out a search warrant? oh did you also know that the people who killed those agents were not convicted of murder? it's called justifiable homicide. it's called you have a right to defend yourself when you cannot retreat. they were defending their home. also you may resist arrest if excessive force is being used. i suppose you didn't know all that. all you know is what the government lets the media tell you. if those people had weapons stockpiled... so what... it's in your country's constitution. you know how many people stockpiled weapons? especially in texas??
if they had those weapons... they could have easily killed every single atf agent there. it would have been a masacare. they stopped firing when the atf retreated. they were defending their own home... and because their religious beliefs were different from the normal... your government decided they would get rid of them one way or another. did you know they put 10 times the amount of cs gas in that compound? did you know that thermo imaging shows muzzle flashes of weapons fired in the direction of the compound during the actual attack 51 days later? did you know that no weapons were being fired out because they were burning alive??
later on congressional hearings were held and THE GOVERNMENT made sure it was covered up... that it was justified when facts revealed it wasn't. the government was responsible and they did not take responsibility. i could go on, but i suggest you research what happened at waco if you really believe in your country.

Justin Stone's picture

My dear friend: I am from Texas, and I of course know the unfortunate turn of events that happened in Waco, Texas. Of course, the government throws a charade, pretending everything's ok. I understand your opinion. BELIEVE ME. I know what you mean. But did AMERICA murder those innocents? Did AMERICA take the lives? No. It was an affirmitive action taken by a SWAT team. It was wrong. But is America just some SWAT team? No. America has given you the freedoms bestowed upon you from your BIRTH. How would you like to live in a third world nation, dying of AIDS, where poverty reigns the supreme terror? YOU DON'T. America not only will take in refugees from anywhere in the world, they have devoted BILLIONS of dollars seing to it that countries with economical issues have been helped. Can we help everyone? No. But look at the GOOD America has done, then look at the bad. You my good friend. Do I look at you and say "You just threw a rock threw that guys window, your a terrible person!!!". NO. I think "You just handed that homeless man a hundred dollar bill". SEE THE GOOD AND THE BAD. Your life would be forfeit, your freedom extinguished, you would be living under tyranny or poverty if it weren't for America. THINK.

martha's picture

perhaps you were too young to remember when the government slaughtered men woman and children in waco, texas. it was covered up, dusted up, and shoved underneath a rug. don't forget where you come from tex.

martha's picture

oh, and you don't always have to be right... well you don't always have to think you are let me know when you move out of your house and hopefully see how the world really is ;)

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wow, you go off topic too fast. i should just tell you that you need to get out more. also might want to stop reading history books by white anglo-saxon protestant males. you wouldn't get such a biased view. but like i said... you go way off topic. you are comparing apples to oranges as they say.