Missing you, My Dear...


The pain I feel

the hurt, the zeal

to get back home

to be alone

but not alone, I want to be

with you my love, and you ONLY.

A knife that stabs me,

all week long

blade of agony,

sharpened prong.

Only YOU can remove the knife

only love can save my life

now a deep and gaping wound

I must get home, and VERY soon.

I must escape, I have to flee

flee I will, to be with thee

I'll die a thousand deaths for love,

God can help me from above.

I'd rather suffer in your arms

than be away from you, yet far from harm

The only pain I cannot stand,

is not being able to hold your hand...

of all the rocks and all the sand,

of all the trees across the land

all so great but none the better,

than my love and the day I met her.

8 days is an eternity

far too long, it's killing me

and every day the knife cuts more

a little deeper than before

And loe, upon the yonder hill

you stand and wait for me, STILL

I'm back from wretched time's confines,

I'm back, the torch of love still shines

eternity apart from you,

time of waiting almost through

I was loyal, I was just

I resisted temptful lust

I sailed a thousand oceans wide,

I walked a thousand deserts dry,

I crossed a thousand mountains high,

I cried a thousand tears at night.

Every rock, every tree

only made me think of thee

every lake and pond so blue

only made me think of you.

I would trade the wonderous land

if I could only hold your hand

just 10 seconds is all I need,

to last these years 'till we are freed

every time that I'm in pain,

I see your face, I think your name

it quells the hurt, it gets me through

every time I think of you.

If love's a mountain

that we ascend

then together forever,

love will NEVER end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Eight days is an eternity when your away from the most wonderful woman in the world.

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