General Patton, do you know my Jesus?


*this poem starts out with the same line as "The Holocaust", but other than the fact they are both from WWII, these two poems are in no way related*

In the midst of WWII,

General Patton sat, kind of blue.

I told him Jesus was with you and me,

he was even in the eyes of the enemy.

I asked him on one cold evening,

I said, "General Patton, do you know my Jesus?"

The lamps were dim, he stared in my eyes

we ignored the noise, and the hurt soldeirs cries,

"If he were with us in this here war,"

"Then what would we be fighting for?"

"For love of country, to opress hate?"

"To impress your father, to find your fate?"

"No." I replied.  "Think about the day he died."

"He thought about us when he hung on that cross,"

"He thought about our boys, sittin' here in this moss."

"He thought about us, and he DID know,"

"That *this here war* is just a big show."

"The fighting and death will be over soon enough,"

"Then we will go back home, with our guns, and stuff."

"Just remember one thing when your out on that field,"

"Jesus thought about US, and his love will never yield."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem could easily go in the War or Religion folder, but I just picked war because I felt like it.  This poem means pretty much what is says.  Jesus is with everyone, even in the eyes of the enemy.  He knew when he hung on that cross about EVERY single war, every terrible plauge, every disasterous event, and he knew how they would all end.  He also died so that we wouldn't have to spend an eternity suffering.  Think about the next time your in pain.  Chances are, your not nailed to a cross with almost no clothes in the heat of day, with thorns adorned on your head, and people mocking you.  He was so that you don't have to be.

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Justin Stone's picture

THE SLAVES TRYING TO BE FUCKING FREE? THE SLAVES!!! How many SLAVES do you think God led from the house of bondage? HOW MANY SLAVES do you think Jesus saved from inquisition? YOU AND YOUR ANTICS. Here you are telling me that the lord is no more special than a piece of old rye... THE ROMAN EMPIRE FELL. THEY FELL DUE TO VISIGOTH AND HUNNIC ATTACKS TO THEIR CAPITOL. Maybe it's just me, but being overun by the Huns and Goths sounds like the wrath of God. Tell me, how special are YOU? You sit here and blaspheme the name of the lord, you sin daily without repentance, you ostracize society... and why? Does God sit in heaven thinking of how terrible a person you are and how "no more special" you are? NO. Does he sit in heaven thinking about how he made a huge mistake by creating people like you? NO. Does he regret making you? NO NO NO. You can do anything to the lord, and hes not going to throw a fit... the second the lord "does" something to you, you wage war on the entire cosmos.

unknown's picture

many thousands of others were crucified by the romans too. jesus is no more special then slaves trying to be free.

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if you are speaking of moses leading the israilites under "God's guidance" ...well historically... only 600 escaped slavery from the egyptians. i guess you don't realize that there are other religions besides your christian one. not everyone believes in jesus or that he is the son of God. that is a christian belief. and the fall of the roman empire is debatable. to say that the "wrath of god" did it... well i have never taken that seriously. look at it historically... not religously. but here is a widely used "historical" argument... religion... christianity in particular... set the human race 1,000 years behind because of the dark ages. by the time we came out of that age... we had to re-learn everything the greeks and the romans already knew almost 1000 years earlier. i never spoke of myself as being special... you brought that up, which was completely unneccessary. i suggest you complete your education (including college) before you start declaring your own history. i wonder if you think that your christian crusades was the wrath of God? or maybe it was your christian leaders imposing their beliefs on everyone else. just as you are trying to do. there is a world outside of your town... and there are other people who have opposing beliefs. those people aren't blaspheme jesus because that is not their religon.