A Month in the Dessert


My rating for this poem: *

((*-pure crap, **-Not so Great, ***-Farely decent, ****- Excellent, *****- Outstanding)

January, February, March and May

I am really quite tired and my clothes are frayed.

April, August, September, June

I sat out in this endless dune.

As you've noticed, my months are out of order

My left eye is black, pupils the size of a quarter.

I've been in this sandy desert land,

I'm pretty sure since the dawn of man.

I'm tired of eating toads in the sand,

I drink water from a cactus, using a rusty can.

My name, I forgot, but I'm a second Leutenant

What's that you say general? We've only been here 5 minutes?!?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was inspired by a Shel Silverstein piece, I don't recall the name, but a little kid wants to stay home from school, and he lists a HUGE list of reasons to stay home.  Then, his mom says it is Saturday, then he turns around to go out and play!!!  Well, I thought I might as well write some comic relief poems, so here's one of 'em.

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