Insane Assylum


Living on the edge my friend

My minds a grenade, just pull the pin.

Hold me down before I lose my mind...

Cold down here, candle in the wind

Psycho breed of hate and sin

the rich, the poor, the young, the old, the blind

I think I've gone insane

I think I've gone insane

We've lost our brain

No!!! We're ok!!!

I've gone insane

Madmen feel the pain

All the worlds and insane assylum...

My piece of mind is polluted,

no turning back,

got a couple of screws loose,


The leprechans are coming, HAHAHA

Why should we speek, our words are futile,

but our thoughts, our thoughts are CRAZY

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a song I wrote, about living on the edge.  Compare the lyrics to crazy train by Ozzy Osbourne.  

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Amanda Frost's picture

Hi! I like your poem, but I hope you don't only write poetry based on Ozzy lyrics =/ If so, stop! Write your own, you're good enough :) definitely better than most of the whiny emos on this site anyway. Remember spellcheck.

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Jaymes DeLaine's picture

GREAT!!!!This song/poem is the best I read all day!

Amanda McDaniel's picture

I thought that this was a way cool song!!!your a very good poet and you should keep writing!! -Rock on-
-Simply Amanda-