Blue Moon Tonight


My rating for this poem: not rated, because Tony Blair on crack could write better

Blue moon tonight, tingling, who doest thou hinder?

                              What if the moon alone feels great splendor?

  The extraordinary color of the blue, over the heavens,

                              The same color as the world’s oceans, seven!

                              Up above the clouds at twilight,

                              Still showing blueness in all of its limelight.

                              Blueness in the field of craters,

                              Like in the brains of science conspirators.

                              A flicker near the candles firelight,

                              Senses the blue moon in the foggy night.

                              As in Beethoven’s moonlight sonata,

                              Or an old mans silver harmonica.

                              Night falls to the world below,

                              It’s time for the moon to start its show.

                              As it’s shadow cast a sliver,

                              Anyone who sees it is sure to quiver.

                              Nothing more has the moon to give,

                              Let it shine, and let it live.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About the moon.  Nuff said.

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