Days of the Week- TUESDAY


Days of the Week


Seven deadly sins, yet seven deadly days

Tuesday rolls on by, to my love I cry.

A dream swept night, on an emerald shore,

I see you standing there,

The passion of life, is at its core,

The wind blows in your hair.

I long to run but tired feet won’t listen to their master,

A lightened hope, yet all too soon, my legs are made of plaster.

The shaking starts, its always there, like madness all around,

My trembling is enough today to shake the very ground.

Tuesday is the day, we are but feet away,

Nothing they can say, can make us stray.

We shall run to meet till the end of the week,

Then we may finally touch cheek to cheek.

Tuesday till Saturday we shall run,

Our love for each other weighs a thousand tons.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the fourth in the short series of mine.

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