Days of the Week- SUNDAY


Days of the Week


Seven deadly sins, yet seven deadly days,

Sunday is the first, and yet to some the worst.

Sunday is a day of rest,

The day that God finished his test.

And although the 7th day to him,

It is the first to all who sin.

Sunday is a day of peace, so all may honor the deceased.

Many a warmonger might try to say,

Today is the day that we should slay.

Yet beasts might walk the earth, and creatures that crawl,

And fowls that fly, and hawks that cry,

To all we fall, and some we stand,

And let the cry shout from the land.

Sunnendaug was first the day,

But by the way, we’ve changed the say,

To all that hear, and all that fear,

Forever known as Sunday.

I long to love on every day,

My love just starts to grow Sunday.

To her I say, to her I hear,

The time for love is always near.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The second poem in the short series of mine.

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