The Holocaust

The Holocaust

In the midst of World War Two,

Across the German Lines,

Gestapo officers hustled the Jews,

Into their horrible confines.

The birds stopped singing in the trees,

You could see the pain in their eyes,

They watched as another man fell to his knees,

He wasn’t the first man to die.

You could see the chambers at the gate,

A sight that every man fears,

We entered this war far too late,

Too late to stop their tears.

As they all lined up in single file,

Fright was beginning to grow,

What lurked in the chambers was something vile,

Only that which a dead man would know.

The ragged old man, with a sorrow filled heart,

Approached the shower with ease,

Little did he know, from this life he’d depart,

Just like that, he’d be gone in a breeze.

Slowly but surely the men there were gassed,

Women and children too,

One by one, to the next life they passed,

In a whisper their lives were through.

If only we had prevented the dreadful sound,

Of humans crying out in pain,

Than perhaps the Jews could have found,

A life that was not lived in vain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I once met a holocaust survivor.  The things he told me were some of the most dowright DEPRESSING things I have ever heard in my life.  Even now, as I post this, I have tears in my eyes.  When I went up to talk to him after he was done telling his story, I handed him a copy of this poem I wrote.  I cannot think back on that day without crying.  People, we have to OPEN OUR EYES.  We can't be blinded by hate.  We must rise up above petty rivalies and make sure SHIT LIKE THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN.  (pardon my language, I don't cuss, but Really, though, we can't let this stuff happen)

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KA Samara's picture

This poem is extremely good. In school i just got done learning more about the holocaust and we read some of people's poems that were apart of it and to tell you the truth, i think this poem is better than theirs. This is the only poem i have read of yours and you seem like a very good writer.