“My heart is like an open book, for the whole world to look…”

Motley Crue, Home Sweet Home

My heart is wretched, and twisted you see,

But on the other end, joyful, and full of glee,

My heart is an endless field of gray,

But blue persists; I’d have to say.

As you open the doorway that leads to my heart,

There’s one thing you’ll notice, right at the start.

The shape of my heart, is a world set apart,

If you want to look, you must open the book.

Break the shackles that bind the cover,

It won’t be hard for you, my lover.

Just take a little of your grace,

And cut through the chains with your mace.

Open the cover to take a peek,

It’s not that easy to find what you seek,

You must dig deeper into my heart,

So turn the page and admire the art.

The chapter is titled “Of all the Things…”

And all the things, and joy it brings,

The Chapter isn’t what you look to find,

So turn to the next chapter, labeled “My Mind”.

You know almost all that this chapter tells,

Upon the pages, thoughts ring like bells.

And all the cherished things I remember,

And all the wretched, hateful splinters.

The next chapter sparks some interest to you,

So you look at it, and you gather some clues

What caught the gazers eye from above?

The Chapter was titled simply “Love”.

On the First page, it lists some things,

Roses, cards, and diamond rings.

All the wonderful niceties,

All the birds that chirp and sing.

At the bottom, a list of people,

The list is rather long…

Can you guess the list? It’s all the past loves,

Or what I THOUGHT was love.

You look at the next page, another list,

This time a LITTLE shorter…

The list is all the people who loved ME,

Etched on a wind swept border.

You turn the next page and you gasp…

Another list…. Or would you call it a list…

It has only one name….

Your name is written there, it flies like a dove,

What’s the list titled? It’s titled….


Love always and forever,

Justin Lewis Stone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is to my wife (fiance).  This is how I TRULY feel about her.  she can search my heart, and she will find, on a page written on a wind swept border, her name and her name only written under the column true love.

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