Out of the Blue


Sitting on the porch

With a newspaper in his hand,

He saw a flare much like a torch

Shine all across the land.

A cloud arose from ground zero

Thousands of meters high,

Truman was hailed as a hero

For smoking up the sky.

No one knew what hit them

They had not a clue at the time,

Hundreds and thousands of deaths

Was such a gigantic crime.

What do you think might happen to you

If an a-bomb fell out of the blue?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another one about the atomic bomb.  So really, what do you think might happen to YOU if an a-bomb fell out of the blue?

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joe's picture

for thinking yourself as an intelligent person... you sure do curse alot. i never mentioned waco? i don't know how you can compare or why you are trying to compare waco to the atomic bomb. but since you brought it up... waco happened almost 50 years later... on american soil... against its own people. the atomic bomb happened during war time.only 20 years earlier, europe had been destroyed by a stale mate war. history is trial and error. more mistakes. i never said it was right to drop the bomb, but it is better then the alternative. please stop swearing... that diminishes your credibility if you haven't realized that already.

Justin Stone's picture

Here we go again. Poetry is an openminded art. If you can't look at poetry OPENMINDED, don't look at it at ALL. In the second world war, Iwo Jima and several other battles in the pacific cost so many lives, that the war torn and forlorn nation of Japan was STILL bloodthirsty. (as was the U.S., we just both wanted to end the war no matter HOW much blood it would cost.) I TOTALLY agree with you. If presidant Truman didn't make the descision to drop the atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, than it would have cost TWICE as many Japenese and American lives. I wasn't trying to say I disagree with the atomic bombings, but I was merely being OPENMINDED. Don't criticise things people say before you even know what the fuck you are talking about. Don't think that the enola gay dropped two deadly weapons over Japan so you can sit here and debate... because you are a HIPPOCRITE. First off, you tell me about the United States government being wrong, and about the Waco incident (which you OBVIOUSLY don't know much about). THEN you tell me America makes a grand decision to make a plutonium tri nitro toluane super weapon and drop it on a country, INSTANTANEOSLY killing 100,000 people in less than a second, then killing THOUSANDS more over the years. Hmm. YOU SOUND LIKE A FUCKING HIPPOCRITE TO ME. (OH WACO WACO WACO, the government kills a few people there and it's WRONG... lets reign nuclear death over Japan and kill almost a MILLION people over the course of a century by plauging their country with radiation... THATS NOT WRONG, NOT AT ALL!!!) YOU ARE A HIPPOCRITE. I hope you can be a little more open minded in the future, or you aren't going to get very far in life, kiddo. Good luck, your going to need it.

joe's picture

war is a terrible thing. if america didn't drop the bomb... they would have invaded and alot more people would be dead. you should be thankful people like truman have enough in them to make that kind of a decision. could you out of the blue?