In the Sky


I look up to the purple-gray sky,

                                     Sorrow fills the clouds,

     I looked way up, and started to cry,

      Because the dark and lonely shroud.

           What made the humans possibly wonder

                                              If they could build a bomb,

                   That took the lives, that killed and plundered,

                                             The cloud lasted all day long.

     I see the planes in the clouds of fear,

  As the people run, but can’t escape,

             I remember the sky; it used to be so clear,

                   But now the echo of screams, the echo of fate.

                                             Now the angels sing their psalms,

        The tale of the day of the atomic bomb.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about (you guessed it!) the decision made by America to use the atomic bomb in WWII.  It is a simple Shaksperian sonnet, so it isn't to long.

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harry's picture

perhaps you could make a better decision? perhaps you could join the thousands of american soldiers on boats ready to invade the japanese mainland?