The buried, broken pieces

Long ago, there lived a man
Who roamed across the silent sands
Where rain did fall and wind did blow
Long, long ago

He met someone and fell in love
And left behind all that he knew
A storm was brewing he could not see
But the love only grew, and grew, and grew

He loved her deeply, and sincere
Truly he loved his only dear
That when she left him with the rest
His heart ceased beating within his chest

Deep in the woodland, beneath the shade
There lies a lonely, shallow grave
Where no one goes both far and near
He buried his heart with a jar of tears

When asked why he never, ever smiles
He pauses staring for a while
And gently starts to make a sound
"My heart lies in the cold, cold ground."

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Now I feel kinda cold


How can we make him smile?

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