What's up guys

It's that mad DEMON POET.

Sober has a toll, and wouldn't you know it.

It's loosing that bridge

with my black mind and soul,

but tonight someone FUCKED UP and paid the toll.

So now I cross to the other side,

my anger and hatred doesn't hide.

Still sober though, and it aint by choice, but my words are still flowen through my DMN voice.

I'm u drop this bit in a couple "o" minutes

cuz man my "blur red" has no limits.

Man can you believe my sis paid that toll,

acting too cruel to this black twisted soul.

I aint seen the bitch in 10 long years,

she always used to be callen with them sad ole tears.

Hey bro" come home I miss you man.!"

Try to hug her or show some luv...

she acts like I fell in the shit can.

We used to be niggas

walking side by side,

so wuzzz up with all this supposed love for me

she persists to hide.

That's cool though!.

Cuz rejection aint my thing,

Man she can just suck on dis ole ding"o"ling!!.



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