I sit here in a repetitious state, unsure of my life, or the lack of self preservation from within. I dwell on subjects

to great for a soul to deal with. One can find the true meaning of friend only by what you can offer them. I am

learning that a true friend is very few and far between.

A reflection of a former self, I stare at the shadow that

lies before me. A shell is all that remains, like the dead

skin left by a shedding snake. Transparent to the world, but still looking like its former. The only difference is the new skin covers a different being, a new way of thought.

  I've learned that love is a four letter word with a forked

tongue. It's what they, we, use to flicker and hypnotize our

prey. Before we strike and devour them whole, discarding

them as a shell of a former self.

                Always get what you want!

                Never believe you want too much!

                Most important, Always keepyour

                eyes open for something better!

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I've learned that love is a four letter word with a forked

dont forget the poison
the vile and foul poison that makes you sick
makes you weak
makes you blind
lets you give up - lets you accept defeat - until . . .
blindfold off -
poison siphoned off
you find yourself devoured
whole and complete