Gods of war

I call on you once again

Not for battle

but to visit an old friend

I call upon the demons to awake & rise

Whisk my soul to the kingdom of night

Bring me to where my former self lies

Here it is

our grave sight

To work you dogs

bring the old to life

Brother I'm here

I see your plight

You've gotten weak and misguided in your sight

But brother

you don't understand

the thing called love has invaded our land


This love

I've seen it before

I fought it off once, twice, then several times more

Do not fear brother

The answer is here

Take it by the hand and hold it near

I was a warrior fierce and strong

I always thought i was never wrong

But now I lay here as an oracle to guide

So don't hesitate brother to come visit and ask

But to make yourself strong you must do this task

love isn't to be conquered, or tortured, or held at bay

It's to be embraced

to coincide with our soul of today

If you can achieve this you're greater than I

So go on dear brother and live on the edge

If you fail and fall

at least you knew love more than I

I didn't know it at all


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/jen/ Amberkytti's picture

I think this one is nothing short of a tiny masterpiece! So very well done . . .