What is in it for me?

What is in it for me?


Never trust anybody

Even though they appear to be trustworthy

Things are hardly ever as pure and honest as it may seem

Because the majority of the human race is mostly mean

Selfishness was the only reason for the given trust, covered in an angelic pure beam


What is in it for me?

Is the first question most ask themselves before they allow it to be

Selfishness is the golden key that no one ever sees, or chooses to see

Being your very own deep dark secret motivation, even though you choose not to agree

But the fact remains, what is in it for me?


It only takes one dark soul just pretending to be someone as pure as you and me

To crush your beliefs and all the beauty you use to see

For one reason alone, that being ‘what is in it for me’ stopped brining honey

Never trust anyone, for trust gets given away far too easily to what the eye see,

 And choose to ignore what the soul knows undoubtedly


Nothing for nothing in this world, and that is a fact which will always be

Nothing is ever for free with the purest intentions unconditionally

Oh no, selfishness will never allow it to be

Not even something as precious and pure as friendship does not come at a fee


It is a harsh and cruel world we live in, and if you’d like to keep your purity, don’t trust anybody

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