Where i want to be

Where I want to b e


If I die before I wake

Please know it’s where I want to be

This life simply just became too hard for me

You all know me, I am everything but fake


Call it depression

You may call it just what you’d like

I am drained and tired and have no more energy left to complete life’s hike

Heaven is where I want to be, and to complete my life session


I have loved deeply in this lifetime

But I have never been truly loved before

This is why I want to go to heaven even more

To feel what it feels like to be loved by the divine


I have given this world my heart and soul

I received endless blessings in return,

Love was never mine in turn

Being loved is my eternal goal


Heaven is where I want to be

So, please don’t be sad and cry a tear

Know that I will always be near

You will feel me


I won’t intentionally commit suicide

But if I am lucky enough to die before I wake

I will truly be happy as life has given me more that I can take

I realize that being loved in this lifetime might not be my destiny, to be someone’s bride

Heaven is where I want to be

So please do not be sad when I’m gone

As I’ll be in God’s presence right where I belong

My soul loved and free

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KindredSpirit's picture

I really like this

It is sad that we get tired

Of this tired world.

But sooner or later we kinda do.