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The music, the wine, the favorite mood. I am looking for a man to spend time with. Someone close to Raleigh, close to my age, and someone not afraid to be close. Been divorced a long time, so I am a bit independent, but I really want to share with someone. What I am looking for does involve a committment, but its a committment of respect and understanding, acceptance and patience. Not looking to change or train anyone...figured you know what to do by now...but what I want does include intimacy and fidelity. Maybe someone who wouldn't mind reading my poetry and being my inspiration...Sing with me too...I find men fascinating and in a different and changing world for them. Do you know yourself? Will you share that knowledge with me? I am passionate, generous, and loving. Looking for someone that can accept that and nurture it.



Fast forward

Technically my status is divorced but my heart says widow.  We were together 10 years when he passed away almost 2 years ago. He made me realize there are good men out there and I'd like that again. 


 I enjoy boating and camping,traveling, wine, movies, and music. I also enjoy conversation about writing and affairs of the heart, education and stay clear of politics. I do listen to NPR, but vote for the best candidate. 


Who I am: I'm an Army Brat.  PA ancestry, I have lived in Germany for 6 years and New England in my High School and College years. Moved to NC in '83 and have called it home ever since. Two accomplished daughters and some equally talented grandchildren. :) 


I love to sing and hope my partner likes making music as well.  My guitar playing is rusty and piano skills in their infancy. I have a sense of humor but it's more in storytelling, facetious not sarcastic. Trying to find time to write and I should read more, but I don't.


I appreciate men, find them to be fascinating creatures.  Love romance, but its got to be real.  I'm a little skittish, so its got to be slow. That slow burn. I like the man making the first move, but that doesn't mean I wont reach out my hand a few times, or even more than a few times. 


Sept 2018


Let me set the mood: candles, music, jazz or blues singers, Diana Krall, Melody Gardot, Etta James, maybe Joe Bonamassa, and a bottle of wine. Or a couple IPA’s and classic rock.  I like to cook. Maybe some dinner after dancing in the kitchen. You know, your typical evening. 


My passion is singing. I would enjoy a music partner, listener or player, of a variety of genre. 


I also write poetry. Yeah, I know yikes, but it’s not the Hallmark kind, romantic, but definitely not Hallmark romance. A lot of my social life revolves around literature and music. And sometimes it involves Netflix and a nice comfy couch. 


Not much of a sports fan,but I like hockey. Went to high school and College in New England. Spent elementary and middle school era in Germany. 


Most important, I’m hoping to find a gentleman close by. I know he might say, but I’m your soulmate and I live in a  town 100 miles away, no make that 1000 miles away... It’s possible he is. But in reality, I want my partner in crime to be in the vicinity. I’m an Army brat, I understand distance. 


I have 2 grown and married daughters and four grand-kids. 


I am passionate, and kind hearted, and romantic.


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10 years ago.

I love the candor in this.

Did you remove a lot of your writings

Or did you not write that muxh ?

djtj's picture

Poems Removed?

I found a great man from the personal ad that was the first paragraph.  He didnt cause the angst I expereinced with who I call my Muse 2002-2004.  I stopped writing. Or at least poetry.  Didnt feel he was into nurturing that or my singing.  I started writing a blog and prose.  We travelled a lot and spent a lot of time on the lake.  I painted and did photography.  And then he died, suddenly.  I found him. Fallen like a tree in his house.  And I started writing again.  It's been 2 years. Im out in the world getting my heart broke again.  I was safe and snug for 10 years.  I have been editing a bit lately.  I have an eye for what i like. now. Being less indulgent with my poetry.  Thanks for noticing.


KindredSpirit's picture

It's interesting

I have never did any dating sites or anything like that.

It seems like it would be easy.

My brother tryed it after he got divorced.

Im smiling a little bit thinking about that.


I needed a blog since 2006.

That is the first time that I went on the Net.

vjochum's picture

I felt this as if I could have written it for myself.
It's everything I would want to say, but too afraid to admit it.