God Please Send Me*



Please God send me
A man that I can love
That will love me back
Make him available and accepting
Of my affection
Visit upon him success
And let him have fun as well
Have him be close by
But a traveler at times
And look at me like he is holding his breath
Let the butterflies free in his heart for me
Let there be anticipation and joy
At our meeting
And knowledge on departing
That it wont be the last
Time to spend with me and single
Love of children
and joy upon their release
Make him pleasant to my eye
And good to look at
Allow me to be accepting of him
Make me love him and be good with him
With no need for change
The joy of music in his heart
Or the knowledge of an instument to play
Let our kisses be sweet and deep
And the lovemaking intense
Most of all
I want to be these things
To him.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A friend said to be specific when you prayed to God...

God's first responce was to send Rex my golden retriever, a stray that wandered up  my drive to keep me ever company.

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David Richardson's picture

Very touching warm and beautifully written with intense beauty love and desire in one's heart. You surely have beautiful visual poetic skills Deborah-PLEASE NEVER NEVER STOP WRITING.You have a beautiful poetic gift.Thak you for sharing.Please take care and have a very beautiful and tranqual weekend.