2004-03-09 Cold Cool Blue *

2002-2004 Muse


The midnight square of light.

The blues shades of night.
You there above me
Warming the space
Between us.

I cling to you

The friction sparking
Shards of crystal passion.
The firmness of your body
The softness of my love
Outlined on the wall,
Lit from the midnight square
Of light.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The weekend after our break up...My desperate attempt to rekindle The female body a vessel

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David Richardson's picture

A very beautifully written poem overbrimming with passionate love and sincere desire for another. Your visionary skills are again very intense and the picture you paint with your poetess brush is very vivid with very vibrant with colors yet very touching and warm to the sensuous heart. Deborah thank you so much for sharing and have a very beauriful and safe weekend.