Mexican Taxi Drivers

My Life Story

Jayne just recently took her driving test.  We went to a rural office thinking it would be less crowded. The tiny office was full of Hispanic farm workers.  You could hear anything anyone said in the office so when one gentleman of Spanish descent took his turn for the test, we could hear when the examiner asked him.

"Do you know how to drive?"

The guy said he did.

The examiner asked, "Did you drive in Mexico."

The man corrected him and said he was from Guatemala.

The DMV officer who was a jovial black man said, :"Good.  The last guy said he could cuz  he was a taxi driver in Mexico and he almost got me killed.  He ran three stop lights before I could get him to stop!"  (In the town of Wendell where we were I think there are only three stop lights)

Everyone in the DMV waiting room cracked up, even the Hispanics...I guess a Mexican Taxi driver is feared anywhere!

Reminds me Kevin of our Tijuania Taxi rides!

We are crammed in this Toyota and the guy is swerving and just barely missed side swiping a bicycle ice cream vendor.  We all gave an audible gasp.  Bob P is in the back with his shades on looking very Hollywood.  He says "You know we're down here looking for stunt drivers for our next movie."  Without missing a beat the cabby replies, "Two Fast Two Furious."  Its amazing. In the States someone would have run into someone.  Down there everyone knows to get outta the way (sorta like RT128 in Boston).  My Dad taught me to drive there.  He said in Massachusetts you are only responsible for the section of your car from the front fender (quarter panel) forward. All the other drivers are responsible for not hitting anything behind that front fender...I think he was  kidding. I think...He also taught me to count three cars before proceeding through a green light.

More later

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I don't think Boston Cab drivers are that much better.