Housewarming Present Does he have a Deck


Donna:  I need to buy a housewarming present for a guy I sold a house to.
Me:  "I don't think we have any more welcome mats that you usually buy."
Donna:  "Thats too bad. I'll look around then....So, how have you been?"
Me:  "Well, I broke up with Frank, you know the guy I've been dating for nine years..."
(Talk talk talk about men and dating)
Donna:  "The guy I sold the house to is single."
Me:  "Oh, that's nice..well, here then (thinking I need to direct her toward a purchase, I pick up a plastic mug and say) "does he have a deck?"
But instead of deck...I said something else...I guess it was on the brain.
Donna: "Well, I think he does." Her wide eyes staring at me in disbelief.
We laughed so hard we had to hold each other up.



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