2003-09-26 I Haven't Slept in Weeks

I haven't slept in weeks.
Pulled into this vacumn,
You literally suck me up
And out of your life,
Deposited me,
Splayed upon my ass,
On a moonscape part of the earth
I never knew existed.
Kicked me out
Picked me out
Let me out
Of your life.


haven't slept in weeks.

How can you love someone
And not want them
In your life
Its a noble decision
Of duties
Over love
But not the transcending love
I thought I had.
The noble love
Of doing whats best
Without regard for
Whats best.


So sudden so final
We can remain friends
But no phone call
No message
No concern
At all...

In all your honesty
How could you lie to me
So much.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What did I do to deserve this sudden change of heart How can someone love someone and then not want them in their lives Like he cut out a sore that wasnt really a cancer, but in a decision that only affected him but devasted me. He didnt betray me in the true sense of the word through infidelities and lies.  In fact his honesty is faultess and blunt. To me when you say you love someone that means you want to be there with them That life without them is meaningless.  How can someone love and go away then not understand my pain. Doesnt he undestand the depth of my feelings...I havent been able to sleep in weeks.

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Consider this as fortunate, that you found out now and not later in life. For if he doesn;t see how truly fortunate he is to have you, then he is not truly worth even a little bit of your precious time or effort.Somethings things work out for the better Deb. You haeve to believe this. Move on for life is way to precious and short not to value-not to love every second of it.Try to have a nice weekend and please take care my lady.

Dave Richardson