2003-09-09 It's Too Painful


I am tried of being in love.
I am tired of being in love,
I am tired of being hurt.
I am tired of being hurt,
In love.
I keep trying
I keep trying
To love
I keep looking
I keep looking
For love.
I thought I had it
I thought I had
Found it.
It was there in your arms
Surrounded by your arms
In love
Hearing you tell me
Listening to you tell me
You're so beautiful
How wonderful you look
How wonderful you are
In love.
But there I stay
But there I remain
Away from the center
Away from the nucleus
Of your life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

He keeps telling me that his priorities have changed.  That his family comes first and I accept it because I understand...What I understand is that I am never going to be the love of his life.  I keep trying to change his mind, but its not going to happen so why am I continuing to torture myself... Because I am in love...maybe with loving...

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Ozjan Yeshar's picture

Dear Deborah,

Love has no priorities. " Love is tender wind that sneaks through the tiny weak holes of our souls to invade us with a magic joy". Cheers

David Richardson's picture

Unfortunately, your tur lover-your true soulmate also has to be your very best friend-one that you can always lean on at anytime and any place. I learned that the hard way. Hoping you truly find you true soulmate for if one does not fit the bill-please move on and NEVER look back for the beauty of life is truly life itself. Never waste a mere second of precious life with anyone that doesn't adore the very ground you stand on. Please take care my lady and have a very beautiful and safe week.Happy New Year. Bye for now.

Dave Richardson
1/07/04 9:39am est