2003-06-08 priority of love

i realize now
that i will never
be loved
by you
i want
to be love
by you...
or, i will never
feel loved
by you
like i want
to be loved
by you


not really second
never really first
in your
priority of love.

the rightness of
this priority
is not lost
upon me
i understand
the mother
the wife
in affairs
of the heart
we are past
all that
we are beyond
all that.


not quite two
the first
in the priority of love

but an understanding

of the need
to wed
to belong
to reproduce
to stand
in a line
with your offspring
and be
the object of your
through the blood
of your children


Certainly not second
but not really first
but even in your
priority of love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I now understand the bond of children.  I once knew a man that faulted me for not loving him enough to make him a priority over my children.  And he was right I did not love him enough for that to occur.  Now I am in the same position and would never ask for that from a father...but it hurts to know he will never love you like he would have loved you if you had been the children's mother... the things we lose in this martial shuffle board that we never knew we would lose.  I used the small I at the beginning because this feeling of not being loved as I wanted to be loved made me feel small and the small i showed that insignificance.  Is this a serious relationship or a joyous rapture?  At this stage (in his life) is a serious relationship a necessity since more children are not likely, rather impossible.

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vjochum's picture

God Debbie this is a tough one to swallow. I heard you clearly. i have faced the same situation.