Giver of Dreams Deux


Giver of Dreams


Archangel betrothed my soul,
Calling, demanding, stretched even

To hindsight

The past of the woman,

The path to the man.

The love of the master, the hold of the demon,

Sets up the future, the desire for life.

Hillsides uplifted,  the valley repose,

I come to your heart like a beat in the night,
Thumping in cadence of life ever more.

Come to, wake now, feel life, think time, yet

You take, you hide,
You giver of dreams.

You say so, you say low, you keep

Measurement, my love.


The whisperers seeded my finale,

Taking, revealing, squeezed to ancestral,

The path of the woman in

Past with the man

The hold of the master, the love of the god,

Tears down the past; the desire for morte,.
I leave your good hearth like a tone in the light,

Masking the resonance of butterflies' flight
Release to the wind,

Enduring the wait, feeling the strain,
You fade, you transcend,
You giver of dreams.
You promise, you renege, keep

Measurement (of) my love.



Giver of dreams, Giver of dreams,
Paths of desire, shades of temptation,
Finish us here and release the troth,
Or pale in the light of desire and pain.
Giver of dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reworking my first poem on line Still not working.

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