Sunlight, The Cold Intruder



His attention span was as breezy as dust to a cloud.

Hers like dirt to mud.

She stood and attacked the sun with her pale demeanor,

Challenging the radiation to penetrate her as

His attention returns and settles on her like the sediment of wine, the color of her cheeks.

You stayed out in the sun too long my love you must be more careful of your beautiful skin

He grazes it with knuckles dry as the cloud, leaving a trail of

Ashen-ness and prickles.

Yes, my dove, I will take care,

As the sea crashes and breaks above them on the shore.

Arid and dry, his kisses chafe her lips, and

He gathers the legacy of his life,

Packs it in an overnight

Empty of memories her fingers tip to the balance of her life

Qualified by the wear on the strap on his shoulder

She outlines the dent it makes

You as well my dear You as well.

And it’s the cloud that passes over

It’s the cloud in a dusty breeze

That attracts, attached and attacks the sun

And holds its rays from reaching the ground

Radiating and penetrating the soil dark, and chilled,

And you as well, my love, and you as well.

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