He was a man of many talents

He was a man 
of many talents. 
He could undress her 
with a smile. 
His fingers snapped
at her back,
And thus undid her bounty. 
Their game of chance,
Throw cards across a table,
Was reckless and defining,
Always on his demands. 
He was a man 
Of hidden agendas,
Never speaking 
Of things he did.
With his gesture
She'd run to him,
And offer up her bounty.
Their game of romance,
Calling cards on the table,
Was hurtful and withstanding,
Always at his command.    
He was a man 
of spiteful moods,
Hurt, if running
She couldn't do.
And with his will 
She'd change her mind,
And surrender up 
Her bounty.  


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