Don’t Swallow the Clock

Don't swallow the clock
Carry on time, 
tuned to the tines
For it soon will end
With nothing to show
Nothing to tend  
But baskets and baskets 
Of mismatched socks. 
Alone, a lone, all alone, and lone
Is the fight for singleness
Buried in the pure desire
For unhurt-ness 
Is the desire to be alone 
Worth the time alone. 
A diva line from a Hollywood scene
No need to repeat
No need to repeat. 
Clever words hurt, eyes 
Why you cry. 
Why your lines
Come back in tine, 
Oming in meditative rhymes,
“Be free my dove.
Be free my love”
“I have no right
“I had no right”
But you do
You do 
if it hurts you, too.
If it's not what you want 
in the end 
of the end. 
Don’t swallow the clock. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don’t waste your time being alone. Time is precious. 

Found these last few poems in my phones Always a happy encounter with feelings from the past...

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you are a good song writer

you are a good song writer

ron parrish

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dont swallow the cock either

dont swallow the cock either

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They always seem to be attached to something not quite right...That was my grab line haul you in to read Thanks for reading and commenting!