All Right!

Horn blast,

     Saturday Night,

          Run to the car,

               It's going out time.

"Be home early,

     "Don't be late.

          "Call if you need us.

               "Have a good time."

Nestled in the back seat

     He wraps an arm around,

          Everyone laughs,

               As she waves, "Alright!"

Years of rearing,

     Years of worry,

          Pierce the night,

               The small gesture of, "Alright!"

A siren rings,

     A siren wails.

          The car didn't make

               That last little curve.

They say she was gone

     Before they arrived,

          Arm and arm,

               They didn't survive.

Years of rearing

     Years of worry

          Ring out in the wish

                That it really was, "All right."






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No thinks it reads great! xP

No thinks it reads great! xP

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I tweeked it a bit, not so meh now.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Not is never done though is it.