Damn it He left

Time was getting away

Time was traveling through space

Time was balling into wax

Of ear dirt in the mind,

At the break


It warped the world




Break neck into your arms

Kisses a candy of crushes

Wrapped in coated yesterdays

You can’t mean that

That you are gone

And I am here.

What means you to hit the high road


It cannot be

It must not be

It was the scene

Cut and deleted like the control v

It was

Defeated and deflated

On wings of storied lightning bolts

Storied in minds of


Lock the door

To the heart

Why try again

The pain the pain

So saddled in gore

Glory to all

The goodnight he said

The Good night he said

The good Night he said

In finalized democracy

He took in his own hand

Decide what is right

It’s a collaboration

Not a solo project

Correct the situation

Correlate the situation

She tires and wearies

And bids him fare



Farewell farewell

A near month of sorrow

Of fear of confrontation

With an analytical

Destroyer of resolve

Seducer of good intentions

Hot lips of caresses

Your work is done here

These aren’t the droids

You seek

And care on into the night

In passion and in fright

Fear of the leaving

Fear of the staying

Fear of the ground leaves

Buried deep in the soil

The fresh smell of the rain

Into dirt

He’s still



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Sassylass's picture


Well written poem!


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



djtj's picture


but most of the lines are one word lol I was needing someone to correct my spelling on analytical.  You ususally help me on that one 

mrpoofs's picture

The worthy ones will realize

The worthy ones will realize what they need, and I belive it to be you.

djtj's picture

Thank you

so nice to have someone believe in me. no one wants emotional responsibility for another's feelings. I think at my age of 6 decades, men maybe women are tired of the games of love and just want to get together to go to shows etc. Feelings sneek in and get hurt. 

I understand his position. 

Tjanks for the read.