Caustic Tiger




Caustic tiger, sleek and mean

Tears your flesh while seeking clean

Reasons to be, villainously infested,

Take down lives, but not be vested.


Heart is dubious, hidden, and vain

Causing doubt, secrets, and pain.

Drawing strays, who’ve gone astray,

Childlike hearts, that want to play.


Tucked inside you cavernous soul,

Chuckling loud, you count the toll

On your fingers the feathered flocks

Turning ravinous to your tortured cock.


Caustic tiger, phallic and potent

Takes young lives as a sported token

Bridles the womb, deserts the aged

A distaff member, a disposable agent


Heart is flamable, destructive, and ashen

Creating scars, terror, and dispassion.

Spiritless draw, to the weak of spirit

Seeking shelter, learning to fear it.


Unprotected and dolefully lured 

Castle high, defending the turrets

The tiger claws a branding mark

And with the wound, leaves the world in dark


Dark of love

dark of faith

dark of all, that

gives us grace


Caustic tiger, sleek and mean

Dubious heart, souless fiend.

Know by now, to you I impart,

You'll never catch, this feather'd mark.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

A man that collects women like trophies and uses women From the virgin to the childbearing woman to the cast off older woman Bridled the womb I mean to imply he impregnants for fun.  Just a nasty being...Not for anyone...

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