Let Go


Letting go.

Easy to do when something is done

Letting it go

When its found it finale

But letting it go

Doesnt make it end

Letting it go

Doesn't make us friends

Letting it go

Letting go

Let go

Blows up like air bombs from fingertips

In a let go gesture

Of fuck off.

painted nails to thumb

flick em off 

like 4 fingers of boogers

to the rug

Let go

The anthem of man

In the wiggle out of affairs

Its over

Lover when the L in the word 




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some changes

I changed buggers in like 4 fingers of buggers to the rug to booger.  I meant boogers like trying to flick em off your finger and wrote buggers.  Though, that would work in a more qrotesques way. A four fingered bugger would be most...disgusting, and revengeful, but not the image i had in my head.