Hands Over Privates




You came at me from the long distance of a few feet,

Captured me in an embrace

and held on till it was time

to let me go.

Only after they cackled, “Get a room,”

Hanging your head in mocked shame

Hands over privates,

Did you skulk away.        


The long distance of a few feet, covered in an instance.

You tease me with your eyes,

Follow me whenever I look.

I try not to look at you.

Only after some pretense to speak

Do I, look at you. I like to look at you,

And want to feel

Hands over privates. 



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The whimsical title certainly

The whimsical title certainly leads into a delightful tale.  I applaud this.


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Fun write.  I think he enjoyed the hug, I certainly did.