Just June



It's just June

It's just June

Cool wet skin, feeling the rain

Blast of tempered air meets me

as I step outside 

My feet in socks, wet on concrete

Nose intake of dirt and rain, mossy

My mouth gaspes to collect the humid

Air and the memories 


Rain soaked, soaked, soaked

It rains and rains and rains

it's just June

I breathe in rememberance

My favorite scent, mixed

with water of a lake

It smells like dirt.

Comfort and wind

Its just June and a long way

Till Fall

When life truely begin

Spring is not the time of


Its the scent of dirt and



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lost my lover, Earl, of ten years in June to an early death.  This is a little about him and losing another lover to circumstance and distance.  All the great loves of my life began in September, My high school boyfriend, my ex husband, my late fiance', all began in the Fall and endured.  All these ended many years apart in June. Now I say goodbye again to another lover hopefully to resume in the Fall.  Just June and it feels like the summer is over. It gets worse with the June thing. Earl and our best friends had a granddaughter born on the anniversay of his passing, the 20th.  The granddaughter passed away 6 days later. We are done with June.

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i liked this wonderful poem!

Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



KindredSpirit's picture


With that Back Story.

This is such a powerful

And sad poem.


Wish you all the Best

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Thank you

Thanks Enjoyed running around your site.  Nice style. This is kinda dark but its mixed with that favorite scent of dirt and water that Spring brings.  We spent  a lot of time on the lake.  NC lakes smell like red clay and humidity. It hits me hard this time of year.