Nothing here to keep my mind on,

Nothing here that interests me.

Nothing here that seems that important,

Nothing here I'll ever need.

Nothing here, is there anything there?

Nothing here that’s worth my while.

Nothing here that makes me care,

Nothing here that makes me smile.

I wanted to be here without you,

I thought that’s not unfair.

I just wanted some time away,

To forget you.

You need to get off my mind,

But I'm sure I'll find,

A reason for you to stay behind,

Because I love you. I love you.

Nothing I want but the next train that way,

Nothing here but what can I do.

Nothing here but I guess that’s ok,

Nothing here for me or you.

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Polly Garay's picture

Cool verse, I feel that if you can convey nothing, then you indeed are something special.
Very nice, this is a song huh? I can always 'read' your music, you have a great sound. Take care hon, Polly