Make the distance your mistress

Why do you chase the distance? Make the distance your mistress.

When you're driving me home

I'm steering the wheel

Plucking the sun

For our last meal.

When we pull together

We pull it apart

Once we've burned out the sun

We'll see in the dark.

If its all the same to you

I'll go on to search

Cause if its all the same

It can't be much worse.

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Lesa Gay's picture

Thoughts on a drive home it would seem
Perhaps it is no time to end a sweet dream.


running_with_rabbits's picture

man I love your work!
where do I even start?
you take my secrects and thoughts and steal them! lol
there isn't a single part of this I do not love whole heartedly!
yeah I can't say much more other than that you are one of my fav poets!

keep it up
and I really need to start checking this page more

much love

Much Love