im taking it back

making it harder

the times
the kisses
the holding
the hard times
and funtimes
the deep times
equal your eyes and mine
we intertwine
souls gain access to a key
of the haerts
now just miss me
just kiss me
just  say that you love me
and mean it
dont take me for granted
i wanna be the one you run to
i wanna have the heart that beats for you
im so true im so real
i tell you exactly how i feel
im not faint
im discovered
dont cover me up
ignore my looks
i realize i cant change a thing
the time is there
nothing else
you could care
showing me that this love is somewhat true
but thats not you
this heart didnt break even
dont even see the pain searing
im in denial
im getting used to it ...the pain
im taking back what you came for
my power
my dignity & self esteem
you can have that heart it all come to past
when i realize that not all love lasts

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was torn inside...i still am and i ignored it cuz i didnt want to face it but soon i will have no choice ....hearts break n im finding it hard to start rom scratch n jus make sumthing totally new dealing w/ the scraps left behind..idk how to fix this w/o isolating myself

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in order to keep a person

in order to keep a person from breakin yo heart is to not show that much interest in them even if u got feelins 4 dat person. cus interest in a person u can always take back