2-1-11 Untitled

Only time passes by

But my feelings still stand

You are chasing something unknown

Yet so am I

the difference though is you have another choice

Which has been opened to you

I can't force you into this htough

But can at least keep the offer open

As long as you're happy then I can be as well

Just know when things seem unclear

Each second though means a second not there

I yearn for your touch

but that is my feeling

If you can find your happiness

then I can live my life in bliss

So i say maybe just ignore me

And if so you probably be more happy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just something that is on my mind at this moment. The person knows who they are but they stave off the words to speak to me i say, but i do keep my hope up.

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This poem is phenomenal! I

This poem is phenomenal! I absolutley love it!