Heightens of love


I longed awaited to see you, 

With breathless days till we met.

Emotions I fought with the deepest affection,

Counting every minute within great walls patiently.

Your masculine body I brushed with my fingers,

With immense love touched every inch of you.

Pure ecstasy drew our bodies as one,

Awaking a woman’s buried desire.

On the white blanket, you laid naked free,

Strong fingers embracing my breast gently.

Feeling soft gentle kisses around the neck,

Magnet my urge to the feeling of entice.

Blending your smell with aroma around,

Taste of you dwelled on my lips boundlessly.

Remembering how you pulled to grasp closer,

I so longed to be held near and ever deeper.

Hearing my breath while drowning in your arms,

I surrendered my love with the soul bound.

Read the geography of a woman’s body,

Uncovered for you with a sheer shyness.

A lonely heart beating for you wilder,

While the trebling voice sentence for the lost words.

Silent pain wrapped in a romantic nuance,

I lingered this moment to cherish with you!