the word was hatred.

there were so many ways it was ugly,

so many new ways to reject

and be rejected.

to hate

and be hated.

so many ways it had hurt without mercy,

left without reason,

made me swallow sadness and man up.


but then the clouds opened up,

and there was the moon.

the first word.

i basked in it's lightness, but shyed away for fear.

there are so many new ways it fits.

it's my favorite jeans, that new bra.

it's the homemade meals when we have no money.

it's the way your arm snakes out, and my head finds perfection.

it's the glory of your nudity.

it's the ocean reflected back to me, but always calm, always careful.

it's the beauty of every mouth-meet-mouth, like the first time,

like the next time,

like the last time?

it's the way your body slides into me, rests next to mine,

watch your every intake and exhale.



you are so beautiful, and i love you so.

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this is pretty, very powerful :)

~Grass is green~ <^>