wearing off


i can still remember what it was like,

back when it was new.

it crawled along slowly at first,

like a baby.

and there were so many ways

that those words fit.

it was a new thing.

not a being per se,

but a new thing nonetheless.

it was newer to you than me.

to me it was a distant memory,

a very vague memory.

an old and familiar friend,

that i had never expected to come back for me.

but it did.

it had been a long time,

and i was a bit too wary to trust the reasons.

i didn't even know what my reasons were at that point.

but it was new, a new thing,

and back then new things weren't to be trusted.

they broke down easier,

and there was always something spent on it.

whether it was money or time, i wanted to keep it around,

but spend very little.

i ended up spending all i had,

and after a while,

it did break down.

like an old thing,

a truck from the sixties,

and it was done,

like a camera with only twenty four pictures.

i have taken my twenty four pictures.

i don't remember them all,

but of the ones i do remember,

i wonder if they were worth it.

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