we coexist in a way that darwin would have admired.

the air is thick with our unspoken words

entire silent sentences litter the ground like fallen leaves in autumn

after the first month of talking, there was nothing left to say.

i won't tell you that it kills me

every word left unsaid fills my mind

it runs thick through my veins until a single tear is shed

but this time, they come out in floods.

the days we spend together are few and far between.

moments in each others company are filled with an unpleasant and eery silence

a calculated look tossed from one to another,

and a slight touch that no longer inspires jealousy.

we pass each other in the halls with no acknowledgement of what we truly are.

it should kill me, but instead i am left alive

this heart still beats beneath rotting flesh.

it is in these moments that i have come to a bitter realization:

i am living my own, modern day nightmares,

with a reality that is too brutal to wake up to.

i choose instead to leave it unfaced, and sleep the days away,

dreaming of better times when i didn't hang on your every motion

praying for any word to break the silence.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

silent secrets kept safe.

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