This is ridiculous

Of me to write you these stupid

Unsent letters

In some secret place

And to contemplate sending them

(how stupid can you get?)

thinking, “hey, maybe he’ll write back.”

But you wouldn’t

Because you have this new life

Hidden in a could of pot smoke

Shrouding your New Girl

(“she looks like you,” “Hyper and Bipolar.”)

and the uncertainty over

your virginity (instinctive, “Mine.”)

because, wait, don’t go.

Just Listen.

Just hear me out, dammit!

Inhale. Hesitate. Exhale and say..

Fuck. This isn’t going right but

You know I’m sorry so I’ll stop

Saying it (cuz sorry’s cheap)

And the truth is..

I will always love you, oh,

I will always…

Never forget.

I won’t if you won’t.. actually,

I won’t even if you will so

Just don’t, okay, just don’t.

‘Cause I was your first and she won’t

be your last

and the truth is still pretty over-rated

but I’ll say it for you anyways

even if you’d rather say


Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Nate

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