You pull and tug until it is broken

But I know you have them-

These moral boundaries and obligations-

You have left me in a stupor

I can’t tell where you are

And that’s all I want to know

I keep you with me

Try to read you through your clothing

That you left on my bed.

I long to see a smile

Grace your lips again

I do not intend to be provocative

So if my words are unintentionally erotic

I apologize but

You have made me comfortable

In my own skin

Comfortable to be me

To bare my soul, my self

It’s all out on the table now.

Your percentages and uncertainties

Your words ring out through my head

I can’t tell if you’re smiling

But my heart speaks to you through

This paper and pencil-

I miss you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For when I thought Seth left.


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