This Side Of Paradise


Her breathing is normal now

A slow inhale, exhale

And she amazes me

So breath taking



And I’m propped up on my elbow

Watching her chest rise and fall

And she says:

“God, that was amazing.

I never knew it could feel like that.”

and I said:

“You have no idea.” Although I really

don’t either

and I wonder

if anyone has done it better without

masking who they really are

and I swear [cross my heart and

hope to die] that I’ll never leave her-

No, not ever after this-

No, not ever when she’s like this.

But she won’t know will she

No, not after tonight, not after

Tonight   how much I’d die

Inside if she left [if she

Didn’t mean it at all]

If she never said I love you back

But she won’t know will she

And from this side of


It’s heaven.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pretty self explanatory. Written in like.. april.. of 06. Yay, 06.

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