Simplicity Erased


I turn you on

You shut down.

The lights flicker green



Then blind me in a burst of

Red light

The deep red of sheer hatred

Your feelings for me

So hard to understand


Brazen and evasive

Reaching out to you

My mind reaches for things we cannot grasp

Contemplate, comprehend


That what I do is not because I want to

It is because it is something I so desperately need

My mind is grabbing at something I don't know

It is pulling you in

And it will be an affectionate sting

And then you will be mine

And we will be dying,

And I find you crying,

And I will not know why.

My world comes full tilt backwards

Come this way, run in a circle

Spin webs around your head

Until you know

And it drives you away

Every day

Unfeeling, unmeaning

As I connect your oxygen tank

To let you breathe, escape my suffocation

And it is too soon

For us to be dying

And it isn't early enough

To feel these tears

And to notice these tears and slashes

Rips and scratches

Across the things that make us ourselves

And we run

From these demons

That will always catch up

And they're at our heels

And they are maddening

Crazed and contagious

Demanding things of us

That we do not demand of ourselves

Demanding we give up all that is us

And destroy all that has been created

And we are left

So quickly abandoned

So quietly alone

And the issues we are left to deal with

Will scar us for life

Or just for now

But either way, we are still the same

Just different


Disguised as normal people

With smiles plastered on our faces

And lies carefully tied to our waists

And simplicity erased.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Steve.. I love you so much.. I don't mean to hurt you like I do..


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