A Constant Sate Of Confusion


Confusion mars the beauty

Of a new homecoming

We will chase the cars we count

As we stand here on this rooftop

Anarchists in our own rights

Praising the chaos that keeps us bound together.

You will hold me close

And kiss me until I can tell you

That there is no one else

But those words will never fall from these lips

That you dream of a sweet kiss

Grace falls to the floor



Like all my choices are

So perfectly flawed

Marred in your clouds of smoke or

Your handcuffs and marks

Your secrets kept

And my confusion spins me again

As we burst into flames

Falling into this fire

That is the desire that surrounds us all

The curiosity that is part of this time

This place

The questioning glances

The smiles caught and sent back

The guitar pics strewn at our feet

As we wind circles into bags

And laugh.

As I feel you against me

As you pull me to you in a tightening embrace

And tell me.. as I try to convince myself..

That this is the best part.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

... You all know who you are. Let's just say it's not consistently one person i'm talking about.

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